I was honored when I was asked to join the Sabayon Linux team as an art developer. It was a chance for me to be a part of something when I really needed to be a part of something. In a time when I wasn’t medically fit to do much more than lie in a bed, somebody came to me. “We need your services!” I’ll never forget those words. In a life where all my accomplishments were being stolen right out from under me — no junior olympic archery team, no karate competitions in Okinawa, no UC Berkeley or Full Sail or SVA next year and all thanks to the pervasively desperate need for endless treatment, treatment, treatment — I was being given a shot to be a part of something big.

I tried to stop it from happening, but there was nothing I could do; my own body was the enemy. The candles I’d spent my life lighting were all being blown out, and the best anybody could tell me was to sit there in the dark by myself and hope that the window would shut itself. But then, somebody came to me with a lantern, and shared it with me. I was overjoyed to have purpose again. I couldn’t do many things, but something I could do was sit in front of a computer and create art.

Christopher Villareal, who was the co-lead of Sabayon, is the name of the person who came to me, sat with me, befriended me, and shared a lantern with me when all my candles had died and even my friends were bored of me and growing unfamiliar. I remember the first review of Sabayon when I’d been on the team just as a developer in training, getting to look at the screenshots of the boot process and proudly think to myself, “That was me! I helped with that!” I was only with Sabayon from the 3.1 release to the 3.26 (November 2006 to February 2007), but it was a real treat for me to be a part of something that’s risen onto the list of top ten linux distributions. I sure wish I could take more credit for it rising to that level, but really, if anybody deserves the credit, it is Christopher, and that’s no secret.

Needless to say, certain events have lead to Christopher resigning, and I am definitely staying by his side. There’s no word on what if anything we’ll be doing next.

And so, without any more delay, it’s time for the words. Effectively immediately, I resign from my post as the art coordinator for Sabayon. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

P.S. Fabio, I’ve cleaned my “cubby” as I called it from the server. I’ve left for you the staff badges and the work files needed to create more if you ever need to, along with a few other files that I’ll leave with Sabayon, so goodbye and good luck.

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