The shopper that bit back.

It was a long, hard fight that started in October. I was alone, up against the formidable powers of both Apple and Adobe, but today, at long last, I prevailed.

After hours of arguing and explaining my situation (in short, I paid for CS4 and they never sent it to me), Apple apologized and will be sending me a copy with two-day shipping. And I don’t have to pay for any of this since the whole point is that they owed it to me from October.

I told my story to The Consumerist, and they liked it enough that they put it on their front page. You can read it here. Maybe I’ll inspire some other people!

So it’s over. It’s finally over. Apple relented and did the right thing. Adobe, however, is still a bunch of jerks as far as I’m concerned. Shame on them.

Oh, and special thanks to my roommate Ben for keeping me pepped and focused when I was starting to feel too exasperated to go on.

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