Upcoming Classes

I just got back from registering for my next classes at AAU, and here they are.

Winter Intercession
January 11 to 29

  1. Art History Through the 19th Century – Monday through Friday, Online

I’m taking a class during the intercession to get more credits out of the way, and it’s going to be tough because it’s compressing a 15-week class into 3 weeks. To put it another way, that’s a 1-week module of art history per day, so I’m going to hate my life for a while but it should be over pretty quickly. And since it’s online, I can still come home at least.

Spring Semester
February 1 to May 22

  1. General Psychology – Tuesday, 12:00-2:50 pm
  2. Digital Design 1 – Tuesday, 3:30-6:20 pm
  3. English Composition: Creative Persuasion – Wednesday, 12:00-2:50 pm
  4. Digital Photography – Thursday, 12:00-2:50 pm

I’m at the point now where I’m starting to take electives, so I think my spring semester is going to be really enjoyable. I don’t think the workload will be super heavy like the semester I naively took Fundamentals of Graphic Design at the same time as Materials, Tools, and Comping Techniques. I might even join the swim team too.

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