Winter Break: Mission Objectives

I’m done with another semester at AAU, and holy smokes does it feel good. I flew home yesterday right after my last class. Every few hours, “I’m done” pops into my head and I smile.

So here’s a selfish list of random things I want to do, preferably with wonderful friends just like you.

This is very important.

  1. Grill some steaks and/or have a Star Wars marathon.
  2. Go ice skating in the temporary rink at the Hotel del Coronado.
  3. Have a lazy picnic on a sailboat some afternoon, preferably with a piña colada and a bucket of chicken wings in addition to whatever else we decide to bring. (Don’t judge me, Mason. I still want more wings.)
  4. Watch every remaining episode of Kitchen Nightmares.
  5. See Sherlock Holmes.
  6. See Avatar.
  7. See Princess and the Frog.
  8. Go to Knott’s Berry Farm.
  9. Find a new coat.
  10. Go to a Charger’s game.
  11. Convince my dad to make his unbelievable rack of lamb one night.
  12. Get down to Clayton’s for chocolate chip pancakes, and maybe some corned beef hash too.
  13. Eat a bowl of Applejacks, just because it’s been like ten years since I’ve had a bowl and I was reminded of them recently.
  14. Make cookies— from scratch for once. With lots of chocolate. And spices.
  15. Spend a sunny day finding out how many cherry pits fit in my mouth.

Bonus: Shave my beard so I can see what I look like without one for the first time in years.

Also, I’ll post up the final versions of all the stuff I made for my design classes plus the video presentation I made for my art history class. But that can wait. Stuff from my narrative storytelling class is already up anyway.

Update: I uploaded the work to my Deviant Art. They wouldn’t take my video files though, so you can watch them here. Watch out, they play kinda fast. It feels that way especially because of chaotic camera movements, but hey, not bad for having used that particular program for only two weeks, right? I’m happy with all of them.

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