“The King’s Last Laugh”

I’m starting to DM (“Dungeon Master” for those of you who don’t have blogs with names like “Geek Perspective”) a campaign for a group of people over in New York. They all get together, and then I appear on their laptop with the magic of modern technology.

They all seem really excited, which in turn makes me really excited. After we met for the first time last Friday to go over the basic rules and start building character sheets, I knew I wanted to really give them the deluxe storytelling experience.

If anybody wants to follow along, you can check out the campaign premise (PDF) and read up on the character King Remwald (also PDF, read this one second). Also, you might get a kick out of an old post I wrote about the different types of D&D players.

If you are a player in this campaign, then don’t worry, you don’t need to make fancy PDFs when you write your character’s backstory or anything like that. If you feel inspired, then go for it, but just have fun and leave the work to me.

If you aren’t a player in this campaign, then feel free to leave comments, but know that we’ll ignore you if you try to do any backseat driving, and I’ll delete those comments when I see them. No, you don’t get to be “a voice in their character’s head.” I’m posting this stuff because I realized players from my previous campaigns as well as friends of the current players might be interested, not because I want the internet to swoop in and do the thinking for my players. So please don’t spoil anything by posting your theories, non-mechanics advice, puzzle solution ideas, etc. If I feel like we have a problem, then I just won’t post campaign materials publicly. We’ll see how this goes.

Good luck, players!

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3 Responses to ““The King’s Last Laugh””

  1. @rustygibbs Says:

    First! I'm trying to figure out what kind of a player I am. 3, 5 or 8 I think. Leaning more towards 5 but I'm not sure if I can do that much hacking.

  2. mikey.mr187 Says:

    can i be a voice in a character's newly acquired hat? :T

  3. James Laslavic Says:

    Aww, sorry, but the Dunce Cap of Metagaming is also banned in this campaign.