Ready For Spring 2010

Here I am at the San Diego airport again, ready to fly back to San Francisco for my next battery of classes at AAU.

One of AAU’s 32 bajillion buildings. They’re basically a real estate mafia at this point.

I had a nice, long break. I nearly did everything on my winter break bucket list, although I had to replace “go to a water park” with something else because apparently San Diego suddenly thinks it experiences winter (it doesn’t). The only unchecked item was going to the park on a sunny day to see how many cherry pits could fit in my mouth. I guess I’ll just have to find time to do that very important thing.

Also, I’m happy because I got a perfect A in the class I took during the intercession, Art History through the 19th Century. My transcript hasn’t been updated yet, but I think my cumulative GPA is now above 3.8, which should put me on the President’s Honor List. It’d be easier to stay on there if A-‘s didn’t push you off. I wish my school would weight A-‘s the same as A’s. Oh well. Right now I’m on the list, and I’d proud of everything I accomplished even if I wasn’t.

As for this upcoming semester, I finally heard back from the swim team. It’s a deal. I’m on it. I’m sure it’ll be a while before I’m able to keep up with them, but the person I talked to said it would be okay. I’m also going to be taking advantage of the Body Sculpting and Yoga classes my school has started to offer. If I can stick to all of that, then I should be able to partially compensate for all the chocolate I eat whenever I come home.

Oh, and for anybody following the D&D campaign I’m running, you can check out the map (PDF) I made. I tried to make all the names of places fun to say out loud, so have fun.

And now, time to board. See ya.

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