“Let Mortal Kombat begin!”

The D&D campaign is now underway. Since we were missing a player and I didn’t want to start on the main story until everybody was present, I ended up starting them out on a short prequel adventure. The review (PDF) is available for anybody who wants to follow along.

And if you want to learn more about the world and the main campaign’s story, then here is a round-up of all the little things I’ve made so far. They’re all PDFs.

Please feel free to leave a comment to encourage/terrify the players, but remember that I will be watching for anything that even remotely seems like unfair help.

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2 Responses to ““Let Mortal Kombat begin!””

  1. Shadow Says:

    lol i wish i could play DnD..

  2. James Laslavic Says:

    You probably can! What's stopping you? Lack of a group to play with?