Quote Pairing

Apparently, people think I’m cold and emotionless like a robot. It’s not true, and I don’t really like being thought of that way. I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve or share my problems easily, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have them. So here’s something to give everybody a glimpse of my guarded side so that they know it’s there and perhaps understand me a little bit better.


Instructions: Find two or more quotes by other people that together say something that you’d have a hard time saying yourself. Post them with these instructions and just leave it at that. Plain text is good, and if you link to images from sites like and-i-quote.tumblr.com and postsecret.blogspot.com then you should probably also post the plain text and the url.

1. From http://mackyyy.tumblr.com/post/399430272

I fight back the urge to text you or call you,
teling myself that
if you wanted to talk to me,
you would.”

2. From http://babblecrossing.tumblr.com/post/392767283/rainingdogsandfish-inspyrred-ichliebe

funny how sometimes
you’re missing somebody,
but when that somebody shows up.
you do NOTHING.

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