“Good Atheists”

If you have an interest in religion or if you want to read a story about what it’s like to become an atheist, then check out this narrative argument that I wrote for my English Composition: Creative Persuasion and Argument class.

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Download PDF – Formatted oh-so-nicely in Adobe InDesign because I had some extra time.

There’s a lot of meat in this one, and every bit of it is honest. It contains:

  1. The way I think and why I’m an atheist.
  2. How we’re treated by others (and how I used to think of atheists too).
  3. The questions that got me started on the road to atheism.
  4. Meeting with my old priest about those questions.
  5. What it felt like to go from proud Catholic to ashamed doubter to unashamed atheist.
  6. Telling my mom.
  7. How different friends reacted.
  8. What I hope to prove to others.

I tried to make “Good Atheists” as interesting and insightful as possible, especially for people who aren’t atheists. Let me know your thoughts.

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