Portland, OR

Made in Oregon Sign

Hours after my last class of the semester got out in San Francisco, I was stepping off the plane in Portland. My longtime friend and roommate, Mason, is from nearby Tigard, which is basically Portland but pretends it isn’t.

I had a blast running all over the “City of Roses” with Mason. I got to meet some of his friends, who I really think would fit in perfectly with my own crew back home and look forward to seeing again. Also, his family was about as gracious as hosts get.


  1. Flew into Portland
  2. Met Mason’s family and his friends Donovan and Marcus
  3. Hearty spaghetti dinner and birthday cake (belated celebration for Mason’s 21st)
  4. Bannigan’s Pie House


  1. Mason’s dad made breakfast
  2. Walked around Washington Square Mall
  3. A gallery/toys/lol place I wish I could remember the name of
  4. Theo’s Sandwiches
  5. A comic book shop I also can’t remember the name of
  6. Saw MacGruber near Pioneer Courthouse
  7. Mason’s dad made steak dinner


  1. Met up with my old pal Zach at Rocco’s Pizza
  2. Powell’s Bookstore
  3. Deschutes Brewery, then said bye to Zach
  4. Met up with Marcus and headed to Saborro’s Sushi
  5. Tea Chai Te
  6. Joined by another guy named Jon on the way to Ground Kontrol Arcade Bar


  1. Elmer’s Diner
  2. Saturday Market
  3. Voodoo Donuts
  4. Widmer Brewery
  5. Max’s Brew Pub
  6. Ordered from Pizza Caboose
  7. Hung out with Donovan and Marcus


  1. Another amazing breakfast made by Mason’s dad
  2. Sushi Hana
  3. House of Reptiles
  4. Bounty Hunter Saloon
  5. Bannigan’s Pie House again
  6. Flew back to San Francisco

Portland was fantastic. It’s definitely on the list of places I can see myself living, and I can’t wait to go back again.

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