That’s All For Now

The prequel to the D&D campaign ended the Friday before last. Hopefully, the players and I will be able to begin the main story, but that wouldn’t happen until April at the soonest.

You can download the session review (PDF). I also went and compiled all of the released materials I’ve made so far into one nicely organized, bookmarked file (also PDF).

Also, as a little web-only goody, you can see the character sheets of the enemy hero party that was tracked down and murdered during the prequel. They’re just regular HTML, so they’ll load in your browser like normal web sites.

  1. Gargash the Barbarian
  2. Telon the Rogue
  3. Elaine the Sorceress

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Friday nights—for now!

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Quote Pairing

Apparently, people think I’m cold and emotionless like a robot. It’s not true, and I don’t really like being thought of that way. I don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve or share my problems easily, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have them. So here’s something to give everybody a glimpse of my guarded side so that they know it’s there and perhaps understand me a little bit better.


Instructions: Find two or more quotes by other people that together say something that you’d have a hard time saying yourself. Post them with these instructions and just leave it at that. Plain text is good, and if you link to images from sites like and then you should probably also post the plain text and the url.

1. From

I fight back the urge to text you or call you,
teling myself that
if you wanted to talk to me,
you would.”

2. From

funny how sometimes
you’re missing somebody,
but when that somebody shows up.
you do NOTHING.

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“Let Mortal Kombat begin!”

The D&D campaign is now underway. Since we were missing a player and I didn’t want to start on the main story until everybody was present, I ended up starting them out on a short prequel adventure. The review (PDF) is available for anybody who wants to follow along.

And if you want to learn more about the world and the main campaign’s story, then here is a round-up of all the little things I’ve made so far. They’re all PDFs.

Please feel free to leave a comment to encourage/terrify the players, but remember that I will be watching for anything that even remotely seems like unfair help.

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Ready For Spring 2010

Here I am at the San Diego airport again, ready to fly back to San Francisco for my next battery of classes at AAU.

One of AAU’s 32 bajillion buildings. They’re basically a real estate mafia at this point.

I had a nice, long break. I nearly did everything on my winter break bucket list, although I had to replace “go to a water park” with something else because apparently San Diego suddenly thinks it experiences winter (it doesn’t). The only unchecked item was going to the park on a sunny day to see how many cherry pits could fit in my mouth. I guess I’ll just have to find time to do that very important thing.

Also, I’m happy because I got a perfect A in the class I took during the intercession, Art History through the 19th Century. My transcript hasn’t been updated yet, but I think my cumulative GPA is now above 3.8, which should put me on the President’s Honor List. It’d be easier to stay on there if A-‘s didn’t push you off. I wish my school would weight A-‘s the same as A’s. Oh well. Right now I’m on the list, and I’d proud of everything I accomplished even if I wasn’t.

As for this upcoming semester, I finally heard back from the swim team. It’s a deal. I’m on it. I’m sure it’ll be a while before I’m able to keep up with them, but the person I talked to said it would be okay. I’m also going to be taking advantage of the Body Sculpting and Yoga classes my school has started to offer. If I can stick to all of that, then I should be able to partially compensate for all the chocolate I eat whenever I come home.

Oh, and for anybody following the D&D campaign I’m running, you can check out the map (PDF) I made. I tried to make all the names of places fun to say out loud, so have fun.

And now, time to board. See ya.

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“The King’s Last Laugh”

I’m starting to DM (“Dungeon Master” for those of you who don’t have blogs with names like “Geek Perspective”) a campaign for a group of people over in New York. They all get together, and then I appear on their laptop with the magic of modern technology.

They all seem really excited, which in turn makes me really excited. After we met for the first time last Friday to go over the basic rules and start building character sheets, I knew I wanted to really give them the deluxe storytelling experience.

If anybody wants to follow along, you can check out the campaign premise (PDF) and read up on the character King Remwald (also PDF, read this one second). Also, you might get a kick out of an old post I wrote about the different types of D&D players.

If you are a player in this campaign, then don’t worry, you don’t need to make fancy PDFs when you write your character’s backstory or anything like that. If you feel inspired, then go for it, but just have fun and leave the work to me.

If you aren’t a player in this campaign, then feel free to leave comments, but know that we’ll ignore you if you try to do any backseat driving, and I’ll delete those comments when I see them. No, you don’t get to be “a voice in their character’s head.” I’m posting this stuff because I realized players from my previous campaigns as well as friends of the current players might be interested, not because I want the internet to swoop in and do the thinking for my players. So please don’t spoil anything by posting your theories, non-mechanics advice, puzzle solution ideas, etc. If I feel like we have a problem, then I just won’t post campaign materials publicly. We’ll see how this goes.

Good luck, players!

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